Join Team Vestas Wind in Lisbon

25th May - 7th June 2015

Join Team Vestas Wind in Lisbon

Team Vestas Wind aims to rejoin the Volvo Ocean Race in Portugal

Portugal joins neighbours Spain in having one of the highest proportions of wind energy in its overall energy mix. Over 20% of electricity was supplied by wind in 2013!

With a fascinating maritime history and a strong commitment to wind energy, it feels only right that we should stop off and say hello.

For those of you who missed us in Alicante, or those of you who didn't get enough first time round, you're welcome to join us again in welcoming the Team back into the Race!

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Race Village visits in 2011-12


Prevailing wind direction


Level of electricity consumption supplied by wind energy in Portugal

Event 1

Saturday 16th May

09:00 - 03:00 (GMT-4)

In-port race
Event 2

Sunday 17th May

09:00 - 03:00 (GMT -4)

Leg start

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Doca Pedrouços, Lisbon

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Doca Pedrouços, Lisbon

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